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Purchase the Boss DS-1 Modification Sheet
On this page you can purchase the Fuzz Central Boss pedal moficiation information for the SD-1 Super Overdrive and the DS-1 Distortion. Each information packet is a PDF download that contains three pages. Page one is the modification reference table that lists the number of the part on the circuit board, the original part value, the modified part value, and the part number that you can use to order from Digikey. The second sheet is a schematic of the pedal as it comes out of the box...completely unmodified. The third and final page is the modified schematic of the pedal, with the modified parts highlighted for easy reference. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these PDF files.

Why Modify The DS-1?
The Boss DS-1 is probably one of the most famous distortion pedals in guitardom...and there's a good reason for it too. The DS-1 is a decent sounding pedal, and it's so cheap that it's almost a crime for a guitarist to not have one. You can pick these thing up from Musicians Friend when they're on sale for $39.99, and for about $49.99 when they're priced at their regular price. Even guitar greats like Steve Vai uses the DS-1, except his have been modified by Robert Keeley to fill out the sound and to help enhance the fidelity. Here's the description of the DS-1 from the Boss website:

"A wildly popular stomp box that delivers hard-edged distortion tones for guitar and keyboard, while keeping the quality of your sound intact, even at low levels. Faithfully reproduces all the subtle nuances of your playing dynamics-from soft and quiet to 'get me outta here' loud."

Okay, so the Boss description of the sound quality isn't quite as accurate as it is for the SD-1. The DS-1 tends to be a bit on the "shrill" side of the sound spectrum, even with the tone control turned to 12 o'clock. I had to turn the tone to about 10 o'clock to work out some of the harsh treble. With the distortion control turned all the way clockwise, things get VERY distorted, and it also cleans up really well when the distortion is backed off. It's especially nice that you can dial in a very subtle amount of dirt to your sound in lesser degress of the distortion pot's rotation. Sweet! Overall, it's a very 80s sounding distortion pedal, but it does provide an excellent starting point for performing modifications that will result in an outstanding distortion pedal!

Why Aren't They Free Anymore?
A great deal of time and energy went into acquiring the Boss pedals (money out of my own pocket), and then carefully tracing out the circuit board to generate a completely accurate schematic of the pedal, including the Boss trademark JFET electronic switching. After running Fuzz Central as a completely free site for 4 years, I thought that it wouldn't be imposing on my regular visitors to ask a small amount for these great, fully functioning modifications.

Purchase the Boss DS-1 Distortion Mod Sheet

Purchase the Boss DS-1 Distortion Modification Sheet
Be sure to include your email! The modification sheet will be emailed to you

Important! Please read this before purchasing!
These modifications are to be performed only by persons experienced with effects pedal modification. The DS-1 is a complicated pedal, so it's easy to make mistakes and damage the circuit board with a soldering iron. I DO NOT provide technical support for these modifications. They work perfectly, as I have performed them on my own pedal, but I make no warranty or guarantee. Due to the complicated nature of the Boss circuit boards, I have to label these modifications as "perform at your own risk."

Additionally, there have been several different versions of the DS-1 Distortion with different ICs, which in turn had some different parts or parts that aren't included in models with other ICs. This modifications sheet is intended ONLY for the DS-1 that comes with the Mitsubishi M5223AL 8-pin SIP (single in-line) IC. If you look at the IC, you'll see the part number printed on one of the sides.

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