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fOXX Tone Machine

Extremely Versatile Octaver
Wow...talk about a flashback! This project sounds almost exactly like the sound samples on the Tone Frenzy page...just a little different (more aggressive) probably due to the more modern-design transistors. In my circuit, I'm using four 2N3904 NPN transistors, each with a gain of around 110-120. I have been having some problems with noise in the circuit, however. It is probably due to the fact that I'm using a power supply that isn't very well regulated, and it's genrating some pretty loud hum when the effect is switched on, but pretty soon I'm going to build that regulated power supply that will hopefully eliminate all of the hum problems that I've experienced with pedals in the past. Overall, this is a very nice project with a classic fuzz sound, and a very good octave up effect. The octave in this pedal is more pronounced than in the Tycobrahe Octavia. Be careful though, because this project isn't a beginners project...it can be quite a challenge to wire it up! Before you attempt to build this one, build some simpler pedals first and work your way up to this...it'll be worth the effort! Below is the schematic of the fOXX Tone Machine:

fOXX Tone Machine Schematic

Below are some pictures of my fOXX Tone Machine. Click the thumbnail for a full-sized image! Use your brower's "Back" button to return to this page.

fOXX Tone Machine

fOXX Tone Machine

fOXX Tone Machine

Project Files
Note: These files are NOT to be used in a pedal that you are building for profit. The PCB file is copyrighted artwork and is subject to a licensing fee.

fOXX Tone Machine PCB
fOXX Tone Machine Layout
fOXX Tone Machine Parts List
Build Difficulty: Moderate

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