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Submitted Schematics
Stan's Pig-Driver
"Here's a fuzz-box-overdrive that I designed specifically for use with a Pignose. It fits into the case quite neatly and has the advantage of being small and working from 3 volts: 2xAAA cells. My circuit diagram isn't wonderful but I'm happy for anyone to build it. I put in a 270pF capacitor on the input because it enables the Pignose to have a louder input by cutting the bass and removing the sub-harmonics that are outside the human hearing bandpass. If the user ould like a deeper bass response, any value between 0.1uF - 10uF would work."

Click the thumbnail below for the full-size schematic:

Pig Driver Schematic

Guyatone Zoom Distortion from Colin
"Guyatone zoom distortion found at a car boot sale last weekend. Pictures are as bought, I've not had time to re-wire it properly yet. Pot values are measured as there is nothing on them. I presume they are both log."

Click the thumbnails below for the full-size versions:

Guyatone Zoom Distortion Guyatone Zoom Distortion Guyatone Zoom Distortion Guyatone Zoom Distortion Schematic

Carlsboro Suzz from Colin
"I also found the attached pedal (Carlsboro Suzz) in bits and restored it. I had the plastic boxed version in the 80's but can't remember if the circuit was the same. Not very exciting but it is a punk classic!"

Click the thumbnails below for the full-size versions:

Carlsboro Suzz Carlsboro Suzz Carlsboro Suzz Carlsboro Suzz Schematic

Germanium Mic Mixer from Colin
"You might be interested in this which I recently repaired. It's not a pedal but it's a useful microphone mixer that uses Ge transistors, a 9v battery and would be easy to clone. The original was built on a 5 tag stripboard with the centre as earth. It took me some time to work it all out a the original out connectors had been replaced with jack sockets and it had been very poorly wired. The resistors are huge carbon comp types. No hiss though!"

Click the thumbnail below for the full-size versions:

Germanium Mic Mixer

How to Submit Your Schematics
To submit your schematics, click . Be sure that your images aren't HUGE in size since, for the time being, I'm stuck with a low-speed connection!

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