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Dallas RangeMaster

Big Tone Does Come In Small Packages!
The Dallas Rangemaster is one of the most famous treble boosters in musical effects history. It is known for a very sweet sound, not harsh or shrill like other treble boosters. This could be due to the fact that it uses a Germanium transistor instead of Silicon transistors that modern-design boosters use. I used a NPN Germanium transistor (2N388A) instead of a PNP so that I can use a negative ground so that I can use the same power supply as all my other effects. My also version incorporates some modifications that are intended to improve it's sound and to possibly prolong it's lifespan. I have added a reverse-biased Germanium diode between the base-emitter junction of the transistor to offset the effects of temperature variation on the transistor (this modification is outlined in the "Britface" article on the Plate-to-Plate site). The second modificiation is a 1N4001 diode in parallel with the power supply to protect the circuit from any accidental reverse bias that may occur. I also added 1M resistors to the input and output to prevent popping with my true bypass arrangement. As RG said in his article about the RangeMaster, you REALLY need to use 1% metal-film resistors for this circuit because they are less prone to noise...and this thing will amplify hiss and hum and anything else that happens to find its way in. You also need a WELL REGULATED power supply to get rid of that 60-cycle hum or you will have a very noisy circuit.

Below is the schematic of the original Dallas Rangemaster:

Dallas RangeMaster Schematic

Below is the schematic of my modified version of the Rangemaster...the RangeBlaster!

RangeBlaster Schematic

Below are some pitures of a RangeBlaster that I build for Kurt. Click the thumbnails for the full-size picture! Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.




Project Files
Note: These files are NOT to be used in a pedal that you are building for profit. The PCB file is copyrighted artwork and is subject to a licensing fee.

Dallas Rangemaster PCB
Dallas Rangemaster Layout
Dallas Rangemaster Parts List
Build Difficulty: Easy

RangeBlaster PCB
RangeBlaster Layout
RangeBlaster Parts List
Build Difficulty: Easy

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