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Effects Websites
4ms Pedals (Commonsound)

AC128 Transistor Information

Analog Man Vintage Guitar Effects

Aron Nelson's Stompbox Page

Aron Nelson's Stompbox Forum

Axis Guitar Effects

CommonSound....Awesome kits and projects!

Don Tillman's Music Electronics Articles

Eric Hensel's Site

F. Peņa's "Tonepad" Site

Fred Nachbaur's Vaccum Tube Projects (RIP, Fred. We'll miss you.)

Frostwave Analog Effects (Paul Perry)

Guitar Related Schematics

Homebrew Tweaks Pedals

Jack Orman's Guitar Effects Site

JC Maillet's Viva Analog Site

JD Sleep's Guitar Effects Projects

Joe Davisson's Analog Alchemy Site

Joe Testa's Website

John Greene's Effect Pedal Site

John Hollis' Site

Justin Philpott's "Effectronics" Schematics Site

Kazu's "Texas Blood" Tube Screamer Modifications

Laurier's Handy Dandy Little Circuits

Lenny's TubeScreamer Modification Page

Leper's Schematics

Mark Hammer's Page

Moosapotamus' DIY Site

Plate to Plate Music Electronics

R.G. Keen's Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page

Solid State Guitar

Stellan's Schematics

Stuart Castledine's Guitars, Amps, and Effects

Sunn Musical Instruments Unofficial Page

Sunn Musical Instruments Unofficial Forum

Troubled Variance Electronics

Electronics Parts Suppliers and Related Companies
Antique Electronics Supply

DigiKey Electronics Supply


Hosfelt Electronics

Jameco Electronics

Mouser Electronics

Otto Guitar and Amp Works

Small Bear Electronics

Guitar Pickups and Parts
Guitar Electronics

Guitar Parts Resource

Stewart MacDonald

Electronics HELP!
Aron's DIY Stompbox FAQ

JD Sleep's Construction Instructions

RG Keen's Guitar Effects FAQ

Radio Stations and Bands
96 Rock, Atlanta

Drivin' N' Cryin'

Electric Magic--Led Zeppelin

Jimi Hendrix Home Page

Kevn Kinney

Broken Illusion

Other Stuff
Just Strings!

Warmoth Custom Guitar Shop

HUGE Guitar Tablature Archive

Digital Sucks!

How to sing the Blues (Analog Man)

Download Popup Stopper!

Circuit Maker FREE Student Edition

Step-by-Step Instructions for PnP Blue

Lots of Guitar Wiring Diagrams

New Transistian Bypass--Same function as Millenium

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